How do I bring my gun into Canada?

A Non-Resident Firearm Deceleration Form will need to be filled out. 
These forms must be presented in triplicate and unsigned to a Canadian customs officer at your first point of entry in Canada.

How can I purchase my hunting license online?

To get your license click here: Hunting License
You will need a Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit, the applicable Saskatchewan Game Bird License, and a Wildlife Habitat Certificate in order to hunt Waterfowl.

What do I need to know about transporting game birds?

For complete information, please review page 21 of the Saskatchewan Hunters Guide: Here

Do I need to bring shells? 

Most hunters do not bring shells due to the weight restriction with airlines. Therefore we can arrange to purchase your shells for you or you can purchase once arrived at Regina or Winnipeg. Both cities have a Cabelas store. If you're booking a waterfowl hunt early in the year and you have a shotgun shell preference, let me know and I will do my best to get it for you.

What gauge of shot gun do I bring? 

Contact us to confirm the type of waterfowl you’ll be hunting during your visit to make sure you don’t bring the wrong gauge.