A Typical Day

A hunting experience for a lifetime of memories!



Mornings start early. We head out to our hunting field, selected for you from our evening scout. We setup blinds and decoys (and boy do we have lots of decoys for you!). While you spend an action-packed morning in the field, we will start scouting for the evening hunt.  


After the Morning hunt

Once the hunt has finished, decoys, blinds, and birds are packed up. We then return to the farm for bird proccessing, lunch and some relaxation before our evening hunt. 

Afternoons & Evening

 Once the time comes, we head out and enjoy another round of action-packed bird hunting. After the hunt, everything is gathered and we head back to the farm for bird processing.

You can  enjoy a great supper in town, cook one in the guesthouse or have it prepared for you by Marla, upon request. Relaxing in the hot tub and getting a good nights rest is recommended, to hit that next morning hunt!



Eastern Sky Guiding Service will prepare meals  for guests upon request. 
For pricing or any other questions, Please contact us! 


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Bag your limit!

Saskatchewan also has more liberal limits than the states - and believe us - there are plenty of birds to choose from. Because of our hunting property selection, don't be surprised if you limit out in the morning! Now, that's what we call a good day!

If you do limit in the morning, we have several other hunting options.

  • Get the grouse flying during an afternoon grouse and partridge upland hunt!
  • Have an action-packed afternoon hunting snow geese
  • Ribeye of the Sky? See for yourself, hunt Sandhill Cranes!
  • Ride around with Richard, scouting for the next day and get a true idea of the mass amount of hunting land Eastern Sky has to choose from.
  • Relax! Enjoy our beautiful sunsets - or relax in the hot tub 

Hunting Opportunities:

Saskatchewan, Canada Duck Hunting: 

The puddle ducks that inhabit our region include Mallard, Gadwall, Widgeon, Pintail, Teal, Canvasback, Redhead & More!  Of these species the most commonly harvested in Saskatchewan, Canada, are the Mallard and the Pintail, with occasional teal, widgeon and gadwall, picked up as a pleasant surprise on a duck hunt.


Saskatchewan, Canada Goose Hunting:

Experience goose hunting like you've never experienced. Southern Saskatchewan offers an array of different species that have yet to be pressured. And the bag limits! It barely feels like a limit with the a possible harvest of 20 white geese and 8 dark geese! Choose from Snow Geese, Blues and Ross, giant Canada Geese, Lessers and White-Fronted Geese (or as you may know them, Speckle Belly, or Specks). 

Why Saskatchewan?

One out of every Four Ducks In North America Come from Saskatchewan

Get ahead of the migration and hunt unpressured birds! Waterfowl start their migration in Canada, therefore have not yet been hunted and don't tend to question your spread and calling yet, and decoy beautifully.

 Southern Saskatchewan is not only one of the best places for waterfowl hunting in Canada, but it is also one of the best places on the continent. This is in large part due to the fact that the province is the most significant breeding ground for pintails, mallards as well as other dabbling ducks. It also serves as a staging area for waterfowl like Arctic geese, who are reared in the more distant northern regions of the north.

In September, tens of thousands of ducks, sandhill cranes, snow, Ross’s, Canada and white-fronted geese migrate into the area to join the local ducks and Canada geese. The migration of and staging of birds on wetlands throughout will last well into November. You can snag an array of species in this waterfowl wonderland, including mallards, pintails, Canada geese,  white-fronted geese and sandhill cranes!

World-Class Waterfowl

Dark Geese include Greater Canada's, Lesser Canada's, White fronted. 8 daily limit (only 4 of which can be White fronted)
White Geese include Snow Geese, Blue Geese, Ross Geese. 20 daily limit.
Ducks include Mallard, Gadwall, Widgeon, Pintail, Teal, Canvasback, Redhead & More! 8 daily limit (only 4 of which can be pintail)
Cranes include Sand Hill Cranes. 5 daily limit
Grouse Sharp-tailed grouse. 2 daily limit. 
Ruffed Grouse 10 daily limit each
Partridge includes Hungarian Partridge. 4 daily limit.

 Waterfowl species are 3x possession, except White Geese, no possession limit.
All Uplands species are 2x possession.